Food is a work of art that can be appreciated universally because it evokes shared emotion.

The main goal of is to lead in the globalization of Korean food. The Korean wave is here, the craze is around us and now the time has come for the world to taste it. We want to introduce Korea’s distinctly unique food culture so that it is more approachable and ultimately so that you are inspired to place it on your dining table. The food culture is constantly evolving with different tastes and preferences, but healthy eating is one thing that will never be disregarded. We invite you to partake in this new vibrant food culture that is both health conscious and consumer friendly.

The busy and hectic lifestyles of our modern day living have allowed us to elevate the status and meaning of food. We no longer eat to survive, but many foodies will maintain that they survive to eat. We enjoy eating and derive a certain pleasure from it in that we are constantly seeking and pursuing uncharted edible frontiers. The current food trend is focused on healthy eating – food that tastes great but is also good for you. That’s why we stepped in just at the right time: when the world is beckoning for healthy food and when interest in Korean culture is at its peak (thanks to hallyu – the popularization of Korean pop culture).

We promise to work ceaselessly to discover new ingredients that will capture the essence of Korean flavor and will impart that in all of our products. We will pour our heart and Seoul in developing our products so that you too will join the wave and taste the craze.